Image of Monique Richards

As the Client Solutions Director, my role is to continually review, develop, diversify and grow our business in Melbourne and Sydney. Looking at our strategic direction, financial management (budgeting, financial forecasting, P&L, etc), people management, local sales and marketing, talent acquisition, retention and performance management.

I am a problem-solver with an ability to identify & analyse an issue, develop alternative solutions, and create appropriate tactical plans to deliver. Authenticity, strategic thinking and continual learning are the three attributes that have been critical in both past and current sales successes.

I'm really easy going and love working with people. I find humans fascinating and enjoying learning something new each day from someone.

When I'm not at work, I'm the full-time ring master of my very own circus, which is made up of two kids aged two and under, two highly energetic dogs, two goldfish (who may or may not get subbed in and out) and my better half. Life is crazy — just the way I like it!