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A new online portfolio search engine that finds the right talent every time.

Creative people are evaluated and hired based on their portfolios. Unfortunately searching portfolios to surface ideal talent for a job has always been time-consuming and inefficient.

The problem? Tagging.

Digital portfolios are managed entirely by the talent, who either don't tag them at all or spend hours tagging their work, hoping they're using the right terms. Because it's done so subjectively, tagging is inconsistent across millions of online portfolios. So a good search is impossible.

We decided to make it better.

We're proud to introduce Aquent's Book.

Aquent's Book auto-tags portfolios using image classification and object detection, providing consistency and deep insight. How deep? It tags work through the application of more than 24 million object and image labels. Using natural language processing, Aquent's Book combines image search with full-text search, giving equally rich data on the creative talent. In less than a second—500 milliseconds to be exact—it sifts through millions of portfolios, finds the precise type of work you’re looking for, and then lets you see the breadth of the candidate’s creative capabilities.

Here's What Makes Aquent's Book Unique:

It auto-tags portfolios for precision search.

With image classification and object detection, Aquent's Book knows whether it’s looking at a billboard or a banner ad or a brochure. It also knows if it’s looking at a labrador or a golden retriever. It understands design style as well. Creative is labeled across more than 50 image classifications, accurately and consistently.

Example portfolio piece for Aquent's Book

It’s built for hiring.

When Aquent's Book surfaces the best talent matches for a job or a project, it includes talent location, rates, and availability. Our clients will be able to make decisions, and never waste time on candidates who aren’t available.

Example of saved talent in Aquent's Book

Human expertise included.

Machines sift millions of portfolios down to a short list, and Aquent Talent Agents take it from there to a few top matches. Our clients can then make better, faster decisions. The future is humans and machines collaborating, each doing what they do best—and it’s here.

It's auto-tagging now.

Aquent's Book has already auto-tagged 4 million images. By the end of 2020, those numbers will more than double.

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