Aquent and Vitamin T are soon to offer a range of online courses for digital creatives through an initiative we are calling "Gymnasium." 

In this video, Alison Farmer, VP, Learning and Development at Aquent, and Nelson Rodriguez, VP, Global Marketing, discuss the idea behind Gymnasium, which Nelson describes as "a place where people [in the digital space] go to make themselves better."

Both Alison and Nelson emphasize the fact that the courses we will be offering through Gymnasium are highly practical. As Alison puts it, "We don't care if it [a particular course] is popular if it's not going to help people get their next job or get their next promotion."

To ensure that we are indeed focusing on skills that are actually in-demand, we are leveraging the relationships we have built over the last twenty-six years with creative professionals and the companies they work for. Thus, as Alison explains, the curriculum development process relies heavily on "talking to employers to understand what it is they're struggling to find or what skills they wish their existing staff had."

Finally, to further reinforce the practical bent of Gymnasium, we are also engaging practitioners, such as Jim Webb, to teach courses, the thought being that students will derive real-world benefit by learning from people with real-world experience.