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Intuitive Design, Mobile Navigation, Empathy Maps, and UX Leadership: What We’re Reading

by Steve Singer

Intuitive Design, Mobile Navigation, Empathy Maps, and UX Leadership: What We’re Reading

This week, we’re reading about intuitive design, mobile navigation, empathy maps for copywriters, UX leadership, and the week-by-week progression of fall foliage across the US.

What are you reading?

Putting ‘Intuitive’ Back Into Intuitive Design

The point of this article is simple: If your product is not intuitively easy to use, don’t describe its design as “intuitive.” So, how do you ensure that your UI or UX are genuinely intuitive? Add features based on existing knowledge, lower barriers to use, and reveal features as the user explores.

Wayfinding For The Mobile Web

“Wayfinding,” according to this article, “is how we make sense of our surroundings and navigate the space around us.” The principles that determine how humans find their way around physical environments can, as the author here describes in detail, guide how we design effective navigation schemes, particularly in the limited space allowed by mobile devices.

6 Ways an Empathy Map Can Help You Craft Winning Headlines

Writers are tasked with coming up with content that drives traffic and sales, but writing click-bait headlines can get pretty old. An empathy map is a tool that allows writers to get into the heads of their audience. By learning about their needs and desires, you can actually write better headlines. Who knew?

The Future of UX Leadership: Radical Transformation

Even highly skilled and well-budgeted teams can produce mediocre designs. And with design now seen as a leading differentiator in many industries, that’s a problem. The authors of this article believe the solution lies not in “making incremental improvements to the way UX teams work,” but rather in “driving radical transformation within organizations” beginning with a partnership between the CEO and UX design leaders.

2014 Fall Foliage Map

This time of year, leaf-peeping is on the minds of many people. This visualization graphically shows the week-by-week progression of the top places to view the fall’s colorful show. It’s a great example of how to design an infographic where the passage of time illustrates how a process unfolds.

Image Source (Creative Commons): Kate Ter Haar

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