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Learn JavaScript with Our New Course: JavaScript Foundations

by Matthew T. Grant

Learn JavaScript with Our New Course: JavaScript Foundations

Aquent Gymnasium has just released a new course, JavaScript Foundations.

If you've been fiddling around with JavaScript for a while, or working with a massive library like jQuery, but have never really taken the time to learn the mechanics of how JavaScript works and explore its full potential, here's your chance.

The course was created by developer and author Keith Peters. It aims to teach students how to write JavaScript code that can make basic decisions, access and modify HTML elements or CSS styles, and communicate with a server to create dynamic web experiences.

Students will also learn about the power and functionality of JavaScript libraries and frameworks, a power they’ll use to create an application using Backbone.js.

"By the end of the course," Keith says, "students should have a working knowledge of JavaScript and some experience with creating simple applications."

"Along the way," he added, "I also try to give folks an idea of different areas and capabilities of JavaScript—JavaScript games, animations, applications—that they might want to explore and experiment with on their own. It all depends on what they want to get into."

Finally, Keith says, with this course he was also trying to free people from dependency on libraries like jQuery. 

"A lot of the course, I'm saying, 'You could do this in jQuery, but look how easy it is to do without jQuery!'"

So, what are you waiting for? Check out JavaScript Foundations and learn JavaScript already!


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