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Marketing Buzzword Alert: Attribution Modelling

Marketing Buzzword Alert: Attribution Modelling

For anybody who works in a marketing environment, there are certain terms that crop up on a daily basis. These are common buzzwords that have become a part of every marketer’s vocabulary. To anyone outside of the sector they may just seem like jargon, but understanding these terms and what they mean for your digital marketing strategy could mean the difference between running successful campaigns and being left behind!

In our new video series ‘Buzzword Alert', we break down some of the most popular buzzwords to help you better understand their meaning and their application.

Marketing Buzzword #1 - Attribution Modelling

What is attribution modelling, and why should you care as a marketer?

Attribution modelling is a set of rules that attributes success of marketing activity to various touch points. The goal is to isolate which marketing tactics are working and which may be underperforming.

If you want to learn more or you’re looking to hire digital marketing staff, be sure to download our new Digital Marketing Hiring Guide.



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