What's your area of expertise and what type of roles do you recruit for?

My expertise is Public Relations and Corporate Communications! I recruit for many roles ranging from PR Account Executives all the way up to Managing Directors.  

Why do you love what you do?

I love the fact that I am surrounded by such supportive, friendly and talented people. It is also great to be able to work alongside Charlotte Flood, my Team Lead, who is extremely experienced in the PR and Corporate Communications space. I learn something new every day and no day is the same which keeps it interesting. The coffee shop downstairs is pretty good too!

What PR industry experience/expertise are you looking for in Talent?

I’m always interested in PR talent with B2B and B2C experience in all sectors — everyone is welcome!

What are your top 3 tips for PR Talent looking for new job opportunities? 

  • Keep your résumé as short and concise as possible. Hiring managers will lose interest if you have written an autobiography.
  • Get as much exposure as you can working in different sectors when you are junior so that you can find out what your strengths are. It is always helpful to try and intern whilst studying as well. 
  • Aim to be able to build your own personal brand so that you get to the stage where you can freelance. This will increase your chances of obtaining employment, especially in today’s talent tight market. 

What are your top 3 tips for PR hiring managers?

  • Be mindful that COVID has affected the talent pool. As we do not have an influx of candidates coming through from overseas, the talent pool is smaller than ever. 
  • The gender pay/hiring disparity is real. This can be addressed through working with a trusted partner to help mitigate hiring bias. Using objective criteria can help hiring managers close the pay gap and build a more diverse workforce.

How do people get in touch with you?

abansal@aquent.com or (02) 8288 8288 or LinkedIn DM me!