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Luis Diaz

Meet Me In A Minute: Luis Diaz, Design & Development Talent Agent


DATE: 08 May, 2023

What's your area of expertise? 

As a Talent Agent, my areas of expertise are Web and Software Development. 

What types of roles do you recruit for? 

I take care of all things Software Developers, so that's including Frontend, Backend and Fullstack. Check out what Development roles we have available here.

Why do you love what you do as a Talent Agent? 

Connecting people is at the heart of what I do, and I really enjoy the process of connecting our clients with the people that can help them achieve their goals. Vice versa, connecting talent with jobs and roles that really excite them and move their careers forward. 

What industry experience/expertise are you looking for in Talent? 

At a minimum, I usually look for 5 years of experience in an Australian-market role in any area of software development. 

What are your top 3 tips for Dev Talent looking for new job opportunities? 

That's a toughie, but if I had to give only three it would be:

  1. Keep your CV and Linkedin Profile up to date
  2. Practise talking about your experience (practise makes, nearly, perfect)
  3. Always be open to hearing about the opportunities that are out there in the market

What makes an ideal client relationship?

Frequent and transparent communication is a must. And delivering on expectations set keeps everyone happy.

What are your top 3 tips for hiring managers?

  1. Be open to talent that don't tick all of your boxes
  2. Recruiters are here to help you succeed first so the more available and timely our communications, the greater our chances of success
  3. Breathe, finding good people is about being both open and patient

Outside of work, what do you love doing?

Outside of work hours you'll be able to find me sitting in the garden and listening to the birds. Alternatively, you can also catch me jumping on my skateboard to feel the wind (in what's left of my hair!).

How do people get in touch with you?

You can always reach me at [email protected] or on LinkedIn.