What's your role at Aquent? 

 I'm the General Manager, who leads up a Sydney team that are amazing to work with.

Why do you love what you do?

I love that I can be a mentor to a team who are open to learning and growing, and that makes my job easier. They inspire me everyday, and without them our success wouldn't be possible.

What experience are you looking for when you hire recruiters? 

When we hire recruiters, I look for the cultural fit most importantly. Industry experience can be taught, our learning and development program is just fantastic. The next family member to our team will need to have a little finesse about themselves. They will need to honour our values that we all live and breathe by:  'Own it", "We Before Me", "Make It Matter", and "Keep Growing". Most importantly be themselves and enjoy a wine on Fridays with the team.

What soft skills do you look for when hiring new team members?

An open communicator, team player, good time management, critical thinker, can handle pressure, passionate, hands-on, creative and resourcefulness. 

What are your top 3 tips for recruiters looking for new job opportunities? 

  1. Be yourself and be honest
  2. Love what you do — so apply for positions that will bring the best out of you and you will make a difference
  3. Be prepared. Do your research and give examples, and try to stand out from the rest 

Describe Aquent’s team culture 

How long have you got?! With my hand on my heart, each member of my 'second family' are truly an inspiration to work alongside with. They notice if someone is not themselves and care to notice. They are not afraid to say what they feel, good or bad. We can have a laugh, be ourselves. We have the resident DJ, cooks, comedian, fashionista, wine connoisseur, artists just to name a few of our wonderful staff who all come together and make each day an even better one.

What does success at Aquent look like for a recruiter?

It's simple! Loving what you do and making a difference to someone's life or company. Growing within themselves and paying it forward. Success can be interpreted differently amongst us all, but when you look forward to coming to work every day that's got to say something.

How do people get in touch with you?

Via email: sgouveia@aquent.com
Phone: 02 8288 8288