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Staying current in MarTech: training resources for your team

Staying current in MarTech: training resources for your team

MarTech, or marketing technology, is one of the fastest-growing areas of business today. With advances in technology coming quicker than many marketers can keep up with, it’s no surprise that many teams need to rethink their strategies. To stay current in MarTech, you must constantly adapt and evolve your approach to marketing. Training resources can go a long way toward preparing your team for future MarTech trends. Here’s a roundup of some of the best resources currently available online.

Learn where you stand with free skills assessments

The first step in optimising your MarTech capabilities is assessing where you currently stand. An analysis of your knowledge and skills can show you where your team excels and where it misses the mark. Several excellent training providers offer marketing teams both free and paid skills assessments. These tests will evaluate your team and some even benchmark their skills against competitors. A few of our favorites are:

  • Digital Benchmark, Digital Marketing Institute. This 15-minute digital diagnostic gives you a score from zero to 100% based on your actual marketing program, including social media efforts, search engine optimisation, pay-per-click ads, and display advertising. Your results page summarises where you need work and provides tips for how to improve your efforts. It gives free personalised feedback about how to resolve issues with your digital marketing and stand out from the competition.
  • Digital IQ, Online Marketing Institute. This tool gives your team a “digital IQ” by using a universal test with eight main areas – social media, search marketing, content, marketing automation, web analytics, email marketing, mobile campaigns, and digital advertising. You can complete a self-assessment to learn your strengths and weaknesses as well as how you stack up to competitors. Your final score gives you an IQ that combines all elements of the test.
  • Digital Marketing Skills Benchmark, Target Internet. This benchmark assessment takes about 20 minutes to complete. You will first create a free account and fill in your information. You will then answer questions regarding numerous digital marketing disciplines and receive the results of your assessment in the form of a spider chart with a written analysis. You can choose from free or paid content suggestions tailored to match where you need improvement.
  • Marketing Readiness Quiz, Econsultancy. This skills quiz covers digital marketing and several other marketing topics. At the end of the quiz, you find out what type of marketer you are and your readiness for the future. If you’re just getting started, or are an “old-school marketer”, you may find you have room for improvement to prepare for the future of MarTech. The quiz results come with recommendations for how to get ready for the next generation of marketing.
  • Digital Analyst Self-Assessment, Digital Analytics Association. A comprehensive professional development resource for digital analysts across every industry. This self-assessment requires you to rate yourself against key competencies of successful professionals in your field. At the end of the test, you see how you measure up to others. You receive a breakdown of your results compared to the experience, education, location, industry, and other elements of your competitors. You can see which competencies to focus on for improved performance.
  • Digital Analyst Competency Framework, Digital Analytics Association. Another tool for digital analysts, the Competency Framework defines the skills that digital analysts need to succeed in today’s workplace. It can help individuals and organizations identify competencies, define career paths, improve consistency, and prepare for the future. It allows you to set a standard for your team or learn how to tell your manager exactly what you need.

These tests can identify the skills you and your marketing team have, compared to where you need to be. Your results will depend on your industry and specific goals for the future, as well as how many steps you’ve already taken to stay current with MarTech trends. Remember, analysing your current efforts is just the first step. You must then take what you learn and apply it as you plan and execute new digital marketing initiatives.

Keep Up with MarTech Trends

The pace of MarTech is moving so quickly that you can only stay ahead by encouraging a culture of continuous learning in your marketing team. Your team must have a constant mission to improve and grow. Otherwise, your use of technology to power your marketing will prove too costly, difficult, and inefficient to have an impact on your business. Only a culture of continuous change can support your team as they adapt to new trends and use them to their fullest potential. There are plenty of helpful resources for teams looking to stay a step ahead in the MarTech space, broken down into three main categories:

  1. Digital Marketing: The Digital Marketing Institute offers online courses and training, as well as certification programs for digital marketers and sales professionals. The Online Marketing Institute helps individuals, small teams, and large businesses create lasting marketing improvements. Udacity offers a digital marketing nanodegree program, as well as several courses on the fundamentals, essentials, and best practices. Coursera also offers specialized online courses on a variety of MarTech-related topics. 

  2. Analytics: The Digital Analytics Association has a wealth of resources for online education andtraining/workshops. Coursera and Udacity also offer digital analytic programs for marketing analysts, digital analysts, data science professionals, and data analysts. Expand your analytic team’s expertise with these resources, and see returns on investment right away.
  1. Technology: There are many online resources available that enable technical e-learning in the marketing field. Online institutions and training options offer a wide variety of developmental programs and workforce solutions. Find personalised MarTech training for a variety of business goals. Sources for online digital education include PluralSight, Simplilearn, and MarketMotive.

Savvy marketers can get a better understanding of technology used by their teams as well as a broader overview of product and website creation by taking many of the free courses Aquent Gymnasium has to offer. Four we recommend are Modern Web Design, Information Design & Visualisation, Writing for Web & Mobile, and JavaScript Foundations

MarTech is a constantly changing field, so there is no one-stop-shop, or guaranteed method of staying up to date. However, you can help keep your marketing team current and on the ball with these tailored online courses for MarTech improvement.

And if you’re looking to add to a growing team, contact Aquent for expertly vetted MarTech talent such as Digital Marketing Managers, Analysts and Marketing Technologists.


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