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The power of now: why you should take on 'the big things'

by Richard Sauerman

The power of now: why you should take on 'the big things'

Let’s talk about death. Why? Because is the one thing that’s going to happen to each and every one of us, guaranteed.

And this is precisely what makes death the biggest motivator. It’s going to happen, but you don’t know when it’s going to happen. So what the fuck are you waiting for?

Gary Vee was asked by a passer-by to say something motivating in three words. His reply, “You’re gonna die”. At first, she was shocked. She then quickly understood what he was saying, and cheered him on his way. Because if those three words don’t get you bouncing into your day and into life with gusto and enthusiasm, then I don’t know what is.

Here’s the thing.

Most people I meet are trying to make it safely to death. Yep safely.

  • They play it safe.
  • Meddle in little things.
  • Sweat the small stuff.
  • Never take on the big stuff.
  • Live with the handbrake on.
  • Always in control.
  • And always waiting. Waiting for someday, one day, a better day. Then … I’ll make my move.

Unless you already died.

As a Game of Thrones watcher, I loved the scene in Season 8 Episode 3 (the battle with the dead and the Night King) where Arya was reminded, “What do we say to the God of death? Not today.” The God of death is going to get us all, after all. Just, “Not today”. And so it played out – the battle was won and they lived to fight (and probably die) another day.

It all comes down to today, because that’s what you’ve got and that’s what’s real. You don’t live once. You die once. You live every day. That’s the power of now (Eckhart Tolle).

The brutal reality is that there are people living in your city or town who will die today, and they have no fucking idea it’s coming.

So… what are YOU going to do?

Just sit there, worrying and waiting? Or ease off a little on the handbrake, and start doing a few carpe diems of your own?

This blog has previously been published on the Firebrand website.

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I'm The Brand Guy, a bloke who uses brand to help companies and people create the world they want to succeed in. I run a Strategy + Design + Communication company with my Designer mate Nick Beckhurst - called Brandcraft - and I do keynote talks and run workshops on Brand, People and Communication at conferences and seminars. I got my brand expertise working in the ad industry. I believe that brand is a management issue, not a marketing concept, and everything can and must be driven by and aligned to your brand strategy; your business strategy, your products and services, your culture, your people, your marketplace positioning, as well as [not just] your communications. The way I do branding that connects with and engages people is based on positive psychology. My approach is to feed the hungry spirit people have for their lives and their work by using their brand to create meaning, purpose, and destiny. I self-published my positive psychology book in 2008, called Wake Up Tiger. It’s a wake-up call for people and workers who are dissatisfied with their lives, often even in the face of their ‘success’

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