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UX for Kids, Content-First Design, and Dead End Trends: What We’re Reading

by Steve Singer

UX for Kids, Content-First Design, and Dead End Trends: What We’re Reading

This week, we’re reading about: digital design for kids; using content as the starting point for design; dying design trends; lessons from Disney’s choreography;  and ways to make the password creation process more effective. What are you reading? (Tell us in the comments!)

UX for Kids’ Products: Designing for the Youngest of Users

While it may often feel that children today are “digital natives,” there are specific techniques that one should keep in mind when developing products for them—techniques the will make these products easy to use as well as age-appropriate. This article presents some high level strategies, based on UX practices and child psychology, to help designers design for younger users.

Content-First Design

Earlier this year, we presented an argument on the best way to approach design through content. This article by Steph Hay (who will soon be teaching an Aquent Gymnasium course on writing for web and mobile) adds more weight to the content approach, and presents a rather intriguing method for designing through developing a story.

Bye-Bye to These 10 Web Design Trends

Time marches on, and few things seem to march faster than web design trends. This quick read by Scott Donald shows which of yesterday’s web design fashions should no longer be considered ‘au courant.

The Principles of UX Choreography

The author of this post looks to Disney for principles that should guide UX designers when they are “choreographing” the “entrance, performance, and exit” of design elements.

Password Creation: 3 Ways To Make It Easier

Because password creation has had a very slow evolution in digital terms, it’s an area ripe for a change in user experience. This article presents three ways to make it easier to lead users towards better, stronger, and more compliant passwords.

Image Source (Creative Commons): Caroline.

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