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Useful Articles for UX and UI Designers: What We’re Reading

by Steve Singer

Useful Articles for UX and UI Designers: What We’re Reading

We’re reading about the "uncanny valley" where computers seem more than human, keeping the promises your links make, inspired "settings" page design, customer experience vs. organizational change, and using Sketch 3.

What are you reading?

The Uncanny Valley is Uncanny

We cross the “uncanny valley” when computers act a little too human or reveal that they know a little too much about us. Although we seem to be moving towards an ever more seamless integration of devices into our daily lives, there remains a line between cool and creepy uses of technology. This post by Nicholas Bowman explores that line and how UX designers can navigate it.

A Link is a Promise 

Keeping promises, whether big or small, goes a long way toward developing trust and credibility. The author of this post, Kara Pernice, maintains that even something as simple and seemingly straightforward as a link on a web page is a promise and insists that the “destination page should fulfill what the anchor text promises.”

40 Settings Page Interfaces for Mobile App UI Design

In this post, Jake Rocheleau has collected 40 different examples of “settings” pages for mobile apps. If you are developing an app and looking for inspiration when it comes to designing the “settings” page, look no further!

Implementing Customer Experience as an Organizational Value

While many organizations talk about developing a holistic customer experience, actually doing so can be extremely difficult. In this article, Pete Kinser suggests that companies who are struggling in this area use John Kotter’s 8-step model for organizational change to realize their ambitions. He also details how this model applies to customer experience.

Creating a vector log in Sketch 3

Sketch 3 is a versatile and (relatively) inexpensive design app for Mac. If you are not yet familiar with Sketch or would like to learn more about its capabilities, Jeremy Osborn, Academic Director for Aquent Gymnasium, wrote up this step-by-step tutorial on using it to create a vector logo.

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