UI / Visual Designer (Atomic & Dev - centric)

Melbourne, Australia (remote for now)
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Imy Eldergill-Storm

Job Description:

I have a mid weight Visual/UI Designer role available, to work for a large Australian corporate, based in Melbourne. The role is ideally to start within the next few weeks, and to run initially until the end of December, whereupon it is likely to be renewed for a further 3 months min.


  • Agile ways of working experience
  • Enterprise level experience
  • Experience using and following a Design System 
  • Atomic design / component-based design know-how
  • Keen eye for detail - a real VDer/UI passion
  • Team player, can provide and receive feedback well
  • Experience working remotely
  • Collaborative, constant learner
  • Software: Sketch, Abstract, Jira, Confluence, InVision
  • Has designed work to meet AA accessibility requirements

Role Specifics:

  • There is an existing Upper-mid VD in this space, and this is a growth role to add a second VDer to augment the capacity. Hence, they are looking for a true mid as they will be mentored by this existing VD-er
  • This role must have someone who either comes from a Dev background or who has a strong Dev know-how, as the project is heavily Dev-focussed (end-customer are developers), and the team itself is very technically heavy - i.e. this project does not need someone who has too much creative 'flair' or is too much on the 'artistic' side of VD.
  • Understanding of and experience working with an Atomic Design System, building out a system etc very important
  • Real technical know-how, systematic thinking
  • Location: Melbourne preferred, but Sydney also possible