Front End Developer

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Benny Lavery

Job Description:


● Working closely with the team to bring designs to life through the use of front-end
● Building React Native mobile apps with consideration for a React web app
● Planning and estimating the front end aspects of projects
● Ensuring work is completed within the estimates provided
● Working alongside the QA team to deliver high quality digital products

Skills - 

● 5+ years’ experience coding in HTML, CSS/SASS and Javascript
● 3+ years’ experience with React/Redux
● 2+ years’ experience with NodeJS
● 2+ years’ experience with React Native
● Experience working with AWS AppSync APIs
● Familiarity with templating languages e.g. Handlebars and Twig
● A solid understanding of task runners and workflow management tools e.g. Gulp,
Webpack and NPM scripts
● A solid understanding in Git version control
● Analytical and problem solving skills as well as good communication skills
● Time management skills

Desired Skills

Extensive commercial experience...
● using React/Redux and delivering react native projects
● working with AWS architecture
● utilising HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, JavaScript and JavaScript libraries, AJAX, JSON, build
tools and responsive development
● working with 3 rd party REST APIs
● An understanding of Adobe Photoshop/Sketch and creating HTML/CSS from
.psd/Sketch files
● Experience working in both Agile or Waterfall processes
● Familiarity in AWS Serverless architecture including Lambda, Cognito or Dynamo