Full Stack Developer x 2

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Ranita Choudhury

Job Description:

As a Senior Full Stack Engineer at a popular eCommerce company, you will play an integral role in maintaining and growing their digital experience. You will work in the Software Engineering Team with other developers and designers to build and maintain their eCommerce website, their backend logistics automations, and their wider digital ecosystem. This is a unique and rare opportunity within a fast-growing business to help shape their technology stack and processes, and directly affect their business.

Key responsibilities:

● Work with the Product Managers, Producers and UX/UI Designers in their team to

build the next-generation “single page app” with a focus on exceptional user

experience for customers around the globe

● Build even more capabilities into their best-in-class ESB, so that they can automate even

more logistics and back-office processes

● Formulate technical designs, then build the solutions you've created, and participate

in code reviews

● Use your DevOps skills to maintain and enhance their deployment environments and


● You know what they mean - figure out what needs to be done, then do it.

Ideal background:

● 3+ years experience in HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, AJAX and related technologies in

the context of interactive web applications and email

● 3+ years experience in backend API integrations, API development, ETL, and

object-oriented development

● 8+ years overall experience within web-based development




● Great problem-solving skills - when something isn’t working, you dive in and figure it

out with their keen diagnostic abilities; and when there are roadblocks, you have the

technical fluency to imagine novel solutions

● A practiced understanding and execution of responsive design, CSS Media Queries,

and SCSS compiling and management of CSS files;

● Exceptional HTML5 and CSS3 development skills

● Strong knowledge and wide experience with JS Frameworks (Vue, React)

● Experience with AWS/GCP services and serverless concepts

● Strong knowledge of SQL and NoSQL database design, configuration and usage

● Great experience using module builders (e.g. Node, Webpack)

● Strong knowledge and wide experience with the DOM

● Strong understanding of State Management (Mobx, Vuex, Redux)

● Strong understanding of The PRPL Pattern & Service workers

● Some PHP experience is an advantage

● Experienced in working in an Agile, Lean, Scrum, or Kanban team

● Happy to work in teams and independently; self-motivated, task-oriented and