Lead UI / Visual Designer

Job Terms:
Posted By:
Galina Velas

Job Description:

Lead UI/Visual Designer

Our client is looking for UI Designer with experience or skills to work with large scale enterprises.

About You

•    A great ideator and conceptualiser across industries, enjoying multidisciplinary collaboration

•    Developing visual design concepts, systems and applications for a variety of projects and clients

•    Ability to explain your design process, convincingly present and defend your design concepts

•    Flexibility and openness while being self-managed, action- and achievement-oriented

•    Used to work with multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural team members both locally and globally

•    Experience in design and delivery of physical and/or remote design-thinking workshops

•    A sense of humor and empathy, even in a slow video call on a long day

•    Software experience: Figma, Adobe CC/XD, Mural, MS Office


For more details about the role and the company, contact Galina: gvelas@aquent.com


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