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Booz Allen Hamilton’s Mobile and Web App Development team quickly proved its ability to develop innovative products and win more business. They needed to rapidly expand the size of their team, and turned to Aquent for help. “We quickly ran out of top development talent and had requests from government and commercial clients to develop new software products,” said Booz Allen Hamilton Product Manager Seth Clark. “We knew we could generate additional revenue if we could add expertise to augment our team, but we didn’t have the luxury of time. Anytime we’re not doing billable work, it’s costing money.”


Having extensive experience staffing digital roles for professional services firms, Aquent was able to quickly help Booz Allen Hamilton build their team. “In our business, we can’t have a delayed recruiting process,” Clark said. “The quality and speed of Aquent’s service is really valuable. The fact that they had a strong pipeline of quality applicants helped save us a lot of time.”

“Aquent’s Expert Network team also helped us to vet our job description and identify areas for improvement—enabling us to recruit some tough-to-fill UX roles. They took the time to get to know our business. From there, the quality of the candidates went through the roof.”

Aquent swiftly brought in a team of a dozen full stack developers, UX and UI designers, mobile developers, and content management specialists. Many of these freelancers have been tapped to work on high-profile projects, such as a new predictive app that Booz Allen Hamilton developed to help football leagues predict opponents’ plays.

As Booz Allen Hamilton leads the next wave of analytics in sports, Aquent talent is supporting their latest endeavors. The firm appreciates Aquent’s contract-to-hire model.

“We’re able to get firsthand experience working with Aquent talent and see directly how they serve the needs of our clients,” Clark said. “We’ve brought many of them onboard full time, and it’s been great.”


“When you’re growing your business, you need great talent, but you can’t focus on that exclusively,” Clark explained. “Identifying and recruiting staff is time consuming and arduous. Working with Aquent has given us the freedom to focus on the innovative development work we’re best known for.

“Having top-tier talent to build out these tools and new concepts has really helped us build our business and move into more complex, novel areas beyond standard web development.”

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