Developing and Executing a Digital Strategy

Aquent Aquent


A large nationwide financial services company sought a contractor to guide its Marketing department in its transition from a print-focused to a full-service print and digital business. They were looking to increase their presence on social media and build upon their public-facing websites. To do so, they needed someone who could bring staff together and help them move into the digital space with ease.


Aquent brought in a senior digital creative director, who enthusiastically jumped into the project, analyzing the Marketing team’s skillsets and devising a plan for growth. One major obstacle he discovered was that the team worked in silos. People on one project didn’t know what others were working on and there was little accountability.

The creative director worked onsite for more than a year, implementing new processes that increased the efficiency of the team. He built a “war room” — a space that showcased the team’s ongoing progress. This fostered collaboration, brainstorming, and increased accountability. The new approach was welcomed by the team. Once this was in place, he successfully led the charge in designing the new website and increasing the company’s social media presence.


The client shared that the creative director “had a great attitude that helped unify the team. He built bridges within multiple groups, including the video and PR teams. He sparked new conversations and helped our team become more comfortable in the digital realm.”

Under his guidance, team members worked together to improve the quality of the website. The client stated that the creative director “was a strong voice for creatives. He inspired people to take ownership of their work.

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