Providing Pre-Screened Healthcare Talent on Demand

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Our client is a global healthcare insurance service company. Their Creative Services department has projects with quick turnaround times and often needs to tap into supplemental resources at the last minute. They need to field out work quickly but don’t have the time or resources to manage the process. For example, they want access to designer and proofreader resources without having to wait for the 2-week onboarding process to be completed. And, finally, they have an extremely heightened level of security that makes it difficult to send out files to off-site resources who are not equipped with client laptops and have non-secure, web-based email addresses.


Our agents sought out talent resources with special situations that lend themselves well to working on an as-need basis. These candidates are put through the client’s interview and onboarding process and, once approved, they are considered a ready-to-go project resource. We then provide the talent with an Aquent email address that will allow them to receive and send files to the client (Aquent has their own secure network that is not blocked by the client).

When the creative hiring manager has an immediate design or proofreading need, she contacts our agents, detailing the project, and sends the files directly to us. Our agents reach out to talent and identify who is suitable and available to work. Once identified, our agents send the files to the resource and the assignment begins. When the talent completes the project, he/she sends the files directly back to the client.


This process saves the client time and makes it easy for them to field out work. It solves the network security issue by providing talent with Aquent email addresses, thus affording the client the luxury of having access to multiple offsite resources. Finally, talent receives work that suits their lifestyle needs, and because we have access to multiple project resources and can parse out the work, no one resource gets overloaded with deliverables and tight deadlines.

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