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Interactive Site Developer - NY

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Interactive Site Developer

Skill and Role Summary:
Looking for an Interactive front-end site developer who is experienced in JavaScript, html, flash. Preferred experience with facebook APPs development and facebook API integration as this project is for an integrated FB APP.

· Experience working with Facebook API and APP development. Candidate will be expected to have a working knowledge of the Facebook environment.
· JavaScript, html, CSS, flash.
· Working knowledge of creating front end builds using creative PSDs, and image assets (provided by client).
· Ability to work on-site and join meetings with internal team as well as client/3rd party integration collaborations.
· Ability to work efficiently and quickly as we are working with tight timeline.
· Speaks and understands English fluently.

Main duties and responsibilities:
Interactive Site Dev will work with Local back-end .NET Developer, producer and QA on site in NYC local to create the APP for a beauty/bath product site - as well as conjoined sessions with 3rd party development team for component build integration.

Project Scope Overview: (not all work to be completed by requested Developer)
1. Create a Facebook page APP to reside on the site (URL to be determined) and be served through an iFrame on Facebook.

2. Mosaic APP will consist of: Landing Page, Photo Detail pop-up, Thank You page, & Sweeps registration form.

3. Mosaic FB API Component to be developed by 3rdparty . (Integration LOE estimate 3 business days integration testing)

4. Display Contest Landing Page

5. Provide ability register for contest (limit 1 per email address)

6. Provide ability to choose one photo from 10 pre-selected images provided and submit photo for Mosaic creation

7. Display larger size image with carousel functionality and selection.

8. Display photo mosaic page along with Thank You content.

9. Provide ability to download image to user facebook photos and/or user desktop

10. Provide ability to post mosaic image to user’s Facebook Wall (timeline wall cover image)

11. Basic and Custom events analytics (tracking)

12. Profile Creation for App specific to Edelman

13. Sapient Quality Assurance Testing (QA)

14. Conduct User Acceptance Testing & Brand Review with external parties

15. Conduct cutover activities and provide 2 days of warranty

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