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User Researcher

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Reports to Alyce Green
Our medical device client offers a broad range of surgical equipment and technology. In an ever more integrated world, they are looking to consolidate several of its operating room (OR) systems and provide a unified interface to the user. Unlike the current separate interfaces of these products, it is our expectation that this new integrated solution’s interface should map to the existing workflow of the OR workflow. To truly achieve this goal they seek to conduct user research which can confirm or refute this focus on the OR workflow mental model, and flesh out detail of what such an integrated “orchestrated” OR experience should be.

Because some of these products are also sold in “cart” configures for smaller procedure and Surgery Centers, the “Stand Alone” versions of the individual products will still be sold. This necessitates an additional evaluation of the relationship between the “integrated” and “stand alone” versions of the interfaces and to what extent there is a need for consistency between them.

Get up to speed on product/market (medical device):

· Understand current product offering and competitor landscape

· Technology/Product Overview

· Competitor Overview

· Review Competitor Analysis

Participate in creation of:
· Preliminary Documentation

· Personas (draft)

· Scenarios (draft)

· Recruiting Screener

· Interview Scripts

Synthesize Research (Deliverables):
· Research Summary & Insights

· Personas (Final)

· Scenarios (Final)

· Experience Map

These job descriptions are examples. Looking for work?

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