The Results

Smarter hiring, plain and simple. We use what we learn to match the best talent to the right clients to ensure the right match.

Uncovering The Best Talent

See how our four-part talent screening process gives us special insight into the skills and capabilities of our talent.

Business Interview

Using a behavioural event framework, we bring a scientific approach to vetting the soft skills that are critical for success in your corporate environment.

Independent Assessments

We’ve forged a Network of Experts—more than 30 seasoned professionals in UX, development, and design—who can support you in validating and authenticating technical skills to identify talent who are the best match. These experts augment our agent interviews by conducting independent technical interviews and code reviews and sharing these insights.

Portfolio Reviews

In this review of talent’s work, we identify the specific role a candidate played in the creation of each piece while gaining an understanding of their creative style and approach to the work.

Reference Checks

We use custom, role-specific ChequedReference™ profiles to further validate what we have uncovered during the screening process. This involves gathering and analysing feedback from references, using behavioural science to help hiring managers understand each talent’s strengths and past performance.