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Designers: How To Future-Proof Your Design Career

Here are 5 things you can do as a Designer to stay ahead and future-proof your design career.

Job Seeker, Design

Don’t Let People Issues Hold You Back As A Creative Leader

Here’s how to find the balance between being a boss who wants to help and still being a responsible leader.

Thought Leadership, Design, Leadership

The Difference Between A Graphic Designer And Art Director

Unsure of what the difference between a Graphic Designer and an Art Director is? Our Design Talent Agent, Vanessa Dolan, breaks it down for you.

Job Seeker, Design

Navigating Job Descriptions To Understand What’s Really On Offer

Job descriptions can offer the world, but job satisfaction starts at navigating the difference between the job ad and the reality of the workplace to ensure it’s the right fit for you.

Job Seeker, Design, Ask Aquent

Level Up Your Design Team With Informal Mentorship

All parties benefit from mentorship—and making it happen is much easier than you may think.

Thought Leadership, Design, Training Resources, Leadership

From Design to Profit — Business Acumen for Designers

The concept of business acumen is barely being taught to designers & this knowledge gap drastically slows designers' career growth. Learn more from Jacalin Ding

Design, Video Resources

How To Land Your Dream UX Job

With many different roles and specialisations in the world of UX, how do you find the role you’ll love? Here’s how.

Job Seeker, Design, Ask Aquent

How To Navigate NDAs When Showcasing Design And Research

Tips on showcasing Human Centred Design work, experience and impact within the confines of NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements)

Job Seeker, Design, Ask Aquent

The Impact Of AI On UX Jobs

UX work is likely to be disrupted by AI. Here are the changes that are coming, and how to best future-proof yourself.

Technology, Design, Industry Trends

Navigating Your Job Search After Redundancy: A Step-by-Step Checklist

When you first find out your role has been made redundant, the task of pivoting into job search mode can seem overwhelming — where do you start? What do you do? I've created a checklist to help people pivot through redundancy.

Job Seeker, Design, Ask Aquent