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Climate Action

Addressing climate change head-on by going carbon negative.

Aquent is serious about fighting climate change. We've always strived to make a positive difference, and reducing our environmental impact is a major priority. That's why our CEO, John H. Chuang, set an ambitious goal: to become the first major company in our industry to go carbon negative and work to erase Aquent's entire 35-year carbon footprint.

Being carbon negative means not just reducing our emissions to zero (carbon neutral) but actively removing more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than we produce. This is a big challenge, and it requires significant changes in how we operate. Yet it's an important step towards a healthier planet.

We've already made progress, but there's more to do. We're excited to continue this important work and help lead the way to a sustainable future.

Real change starts with real action.

Action speaks louder than words. We're serious about going carbon negative and erasing our 35-year carbon footprint. Here's how we're making it happen:

Becoming a virtual-first workplace

Historically, our carbon footprint was driven primarily by office utilities, employee commutes, and business travel. In 2021, we reduced our office space and adopted a virtual-first work environment for all staff and most of our talent, which dramatically reduced our carbon footprint.

Building solar arrays

Instead of buying carbon credits, we are taking a more hands-on approach by producing our own clean energy. In 2023, we rolled out six solar projects, with construction underway for several more in 2024. These projects represent a 5x increase in Aquent's carbon offsets, accelerating our path to becoming carbon negative.

Updating data storage and systems

We migrated our data storage to a facility in Oregon powered by renewable hydroelectric energy. This saves approximately two tons of carbon emissions annually. We've also provided staff with the latest Apple computers, which draw far fewer kilowatts per hour.

Our Progress

2019 Carbon Footprint
2022 Carbon Footprint
The chart show the reduce amount of carbon footprint in span of four years The chart show the reduce amount of carbon footprint in span of four years The chart show the reduce amount of carbon footprint in span of four years
Carbon Footprint Over Time (Tons of CO2)

*Aquent's carbon footprint is based on EPA guidelines and guidance from an independent third-party evaluator. This approach is in line with the Paris Climate Accords and the Science Based Target initiative.