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Aquent is not a follower.

A global workforce solutions company, we help organisations find, grow, and support their most valuable resource—people. Established more than 30 years ago, we continue to be the largest recruitment specialist in digital marketing, creative and development in the world.

We’re committed to developing breakthrough solutions, challenging how things are traditionally done, and transforming work for the better.

The name Aquent actually means “not a follower.” Here’s how we live up to our name:

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Recruiting Services

We are far more than experts in digital marketing, creative and development recruitment — more than 30 years ago, we invented the creative and marketing freelancing speciality, and we continue to be the largest in the world.

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Digital Solutions

We led the industry in providing bespoke solutions to build scalable, on-demand, in-house teams to help solve our clients’ marketing and digital challenges without adding to their bottom line.

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Aquent Studios

We defied expectations of what you get when outsourcing digital marketing, creative and development work, combining top-notch talent and project leadership with cost-efficiencies and technology to deliver amazing outcomes at scale.

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Aquent Square Deal

We proved that giving benefits to contingent Talent doesn’t cost money, it makes money.

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We invested in lifelong learning to bridge the digital skills gap for Talent by building free, online courses taught by industry experts.

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Events & Activations

We created Digitalks — Australia’s largest, free digital marketing, creative and development event series. Our educational, face-to-face events and online activations keep leaders and professionals up-to-date with industry and digital trends.

Why choose Aquent

We consistently earn client and Talent satisfaction scores that are nearly twice the industry average.

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We believe in the power of a flexible workforce to help companies be more agile and responsive to changing business priorities and market conditions. We also believe that work shouldn’t be constrained to the four walls of an office, a 9-to-5 schedule, or a traditional career path.

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We believe that leaving your career path in the hands of your employer is old-school. Talent should be in the driver’s seat of their careers, equipped with the tools, skill-building, and autonomy to forge their own path. At the same time, Talent shouldn’t have to go it alone when it comes to job searching and career decisions—they deserve a partner to coach and advise them along the way.

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We believe that a diverse workplace delivers better outcomes for companies and their workforce. An inclusive environment—where different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives are valued—is critical to ensuring everyone can contribute, grow their careers, and thrive.

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We believe that the contingent workforce should be on an equal playing field with their traditional employee peers and deserve the same quality and level of benefits.

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We attract Talent like a magnet

Our Aquent brand is well known and widely trusted. A large percentage of top talent come to us through referrals. We add value to the industry sector by providing content that is educational, inspirational, and of value. Our social media following is enormous and every year over 3,000 industry professionals attend our events in Sydney and Melbourne. All this gives us access to a much deeper Talent Pool who are not necessarily active job seekers today, but could be the right person for a particular role.

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We don’t judge a book by its cover

No one is perfect, except on their CV. You can’t judge a book by its cover. Which is why we look deeper. We first assess new talent by doing a talent interview to assess their human (soft) skills. We then do a technical interview to evaluate their hard skills. An industry expert will conduct this interview, and we pay them to do it. In this way we make sure they can do what they say they can do — before they do any work for our clients.

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We never do business with strangers

We build close, ongoing relationships with our clients and our Talent. We meet them and get to know them as human beings. When it comes to Talent, we ask them about their career and where they want to be. We know their skills, their strengths, and their weaknesses. We’re not about pushing Talent into jobs, or making matches where it’s not going to work. We’re about doing what’s right for everyone — our Talent, and our clients. Because happy people are good for business.

Our history.

We’re committed to developing breakthrough solutions, challenging how things are traditionally done, and transforming work for the better.

Our Team

Meet our agents of change.

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John Chuang

Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO

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Nunzio Domilici


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Image of Steve Dempsey

Steve Dempsey


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Image of Zachary Hunter

Zachary Hunter


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Image of Alex Kenning

Alex Kenning

Managing Director, Australia

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Image of Jen Gottlieb

Jen Gottlieb

HR Director, Australia

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Image of Carolyn Hyams

Carolyn Hyams

Marketing Director, Australia

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Image of Monique Richards

Monique Richards

Client Solutions Director, Australia

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Image of Zena Nicolson

Zena Nicolson

Practice Manager, Melbourne

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Image of Lee Shorter

Lee Shorter

Practice Manager, Digital Design & Development

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Image of Cheryl King

Cheryl King

President, Aquent Studios

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Image of Daniel Perez

Daniel Perez

President, RoboHead

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Image of Steve Kapner

Steve Kapner

Co-founder and Managing Director

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Mia Wenjen


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