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Careers at Aquent

Our Team Culture

Welcoming, supportive and collaborative, you will enjoy working with a team of passionate colleagues who celebrate each other's success and are there to support you whenever things are tough. We love to laugh, have fun and also know when to get serious. 

Melbourne End of Year Get Together
Melbourne End of Year Party
Most of our Aquent team in Aquent t-shirts
Loving our new Aquent T-shirts
Carolyn, Chloe, Ash & Lee visit the Yiribana Gallery at AGNSW to celebrate Reconciliation Week
A visit to the Yiribana Gallery at AGNSW to celebrate Reconciliation Week
Aquent team dinner
Aquent Team across Australia enjoying a dinner catch up
Celebrating our values champions
Each year we celebrate our values champions
Aquent Team showing their art inspired by indigenous symbols
Aquent Team showing their art inspired by indigenous symbols
Sydney team get together to support Beyond Blue's Big Blue Table initiative
Sydney team get together to support Beyond Blue's Big Blue Table initiative
Delivering gifts to put under Kmart's Wishing Tree for those less fortunate than us.
Delivering gifts to put under Kmart's Wishing Tree for those less fortunate than us

Awards Recognition

Aquent is the 2024 Winner of the RCSA excellence in diversity, inclusivity, equity, and belonging award
2024 Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Winner

Aquent Australia proudly won the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging category in the 2024 RCSA Recruitment Industry Awards.

APSCo Australia awards for excellence - 2023 Winner of the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Award
2023 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Winner

We are beyond thrilled to share the news that Aquent Australia won the 2023 APSCo Australia Awards for Excellence for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

Talent International recruitment awards

2023 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Finalist

Aquent Australia was nominated as a Finalist in the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion category in the 2023 Recruitment International TIARA Awards

Current Internal Job Opportunities

Be part of a company that invests in you. Contact Jen Gottlieb, HR Director for a confidential chat and learn more about Careers at Aquent.

Business Development Manager

Aquent is the leading global work solutions company specialising in marketing, design and technology. We know there's nothing more important than a healthy, inspiring workplace, which is why we focus on teamwork, culture, personal development and continual growth. We're looking for a Business Development Manager with strong acumen for business development. You will need to […]

Recruitment Consultant | Marketing & Analytics

Your background will either be an experienced recruiter or you have worked in marketing but think recruitment could be “just up your street”.

Recruitment Consultant | Design

Are you a recruitment consultant with a few years experience looking for the next step in your career, then this could be just the role for you?

Recruitment Consultant

Besides the fact that you'll be joining a lovely bunch of supportive team members who embrace our “We Before Me” value in everything we do — we can offer you many reasons why you should join Aquent Australia.

Aquent Benefits

When you join our Aquent team, you will feel a sense of belonging and support like no other. We live and breathe our values each and every day: We before me; Keep growing; Own it; and Make it matter. We actively promote a strong work-life balance — encouraging flexible, hybrid work practices and offering a host of benefits including:

  • A-Leave
    We've seen the personal and work benefits of taking extra annual leave. This additional leave known as A-Leave means our team can enjoy between 3-5 additional leave days each year, depending on their tenure. These leave days fall over the festive season at the end of the year. Please chat with HR for more info.
  • Parental Leave
    Aquent believes that family time is very important and offers all our new parents an additional 4 weeks of paid time off when having a new bub in the house. Please speak to HR for more details.
  • Employee Learning Fund
    Aquent recognises that continuous learning is an asset to our employees and the company. For this reason, Aquent has established LifeLong Learning (L3) to promote learning. The Employee Learning Fund (ELF) may be used for seminars, courses, degrees and certificate programs. The value of this fund is $8,000 per annum.
  • ‘Make It Matter' Days
    Every employee is given the opportunity to spend two weekdays giving back to a charity of their choice, this could be any volunteer opportunity within Australia.
  • Employee Assisted Programme (EAP)
    This 24/7 free and confidential service offers you and your loved ones support with any work or personal issues, including short-term (up to 6 sessions) one-on-one professional counselling as well as connecting you to local resources to help you manage emotional, practical or physical needs.
  • Flexible Work Practice
    Aquent places a high value on offering true flexible, hybrid and remote work options that allow you to balance work, lifestyle and/or family responsibility. Remote working, flexible hours, job sharing and part-time work are benefits available to all our employees.
  • Work Tech Cheque
    Aquent assists their employees working remotely by giving each individual a small monthly work allowance. This financial support can help towards internet, telephone and any other additional costs associated with working in a remote environment.
  • WeWork Workspace
    All Aquent employees are provided with a WeWork licence. This enables staff to enjoy a safe, communal workplace with the opportunity to host meetings, access internet/wifi and printing should they require it. Some teams may choose the option to work within the WeWork environment on a more regular basis.
  • Healthy Wealthy And Wise
    This programme encourages our employees to have a more balanced lifestyle. The programme is run every couple of months and includes topics such as learning financial skills, goal setting, meditation, nutrition, mindfulness, dealing with anxiety and worry, flu vacs, skin cancer checks, massages and a whole host of other well-being seminars etc.
  • Aquent Elite
    This is a club to recognise Aquent's top Agent and Account Director Performers. The recognition is enduring and rewarded with an overseas trip or a gift.
  • Aquent Value Awards
    Our Values Awards are an awesome way Aquent recognises employees who demonstrate living and breathing our values. This can be through extraordinary actions and behaviours that embody and “live” our values. Annually our Value Champions and our Value Champion of Champions are recognised.
  • Birthday Day Off
    As a way of wishing you a happy birthday, Aquent gives you the choice of a day off to celebrate your special day.
  • Career And Promotions
    As “people make a difference,” we look at all hires as being part of Aquent's future. Aquent looks to promote internally before hiring externally. This can be seen from the multiple promotions and transfers within our business.
  • End-of-Quarter Celebrations
    ‘End-of-quarters' are a time to celebrate and reflect on the past three months. The team usually comes together for a drink, a dinner and sometimes a fun event. In the past, we have enjoyed cooking, painting, Holey Moley and even building prosthetic hands for recipients in third-world countries.
  • Get-Togethers In Melbourne And Sydney
    Each year, the Sydney and Melbourne teams come together in each location to build on their relationships, and teamwork and have some face-to-face interaction, but mostly lots of fun.
  • Holiday Beach Houses
    Two Aquent houses are available for holiday use for you and your friends or family. These holiday houses are situated in Florida and Hawaii and are self-accommodating with all the modern features. Each year a request form is sent out to the whole business and you can request dates that work for you through a lottery system.
  • Internal Training 
    Aquent has a commitment to the ongoing training and induction of all employees. Up-skilling and ongoing training are part of the company's DNA. We run a programme called Digibytes which is a subject matter training programme. This delivers knowledge, insights and trends into the areas we recruit.  Our Skilled Academy programme is our recruitment skills development area.  Together with our internal learning platform, Aquent Learn, we are able to support the growth of recruitment skills. From time to time, external trainers are brought in to continually add value. 

    Aquent also has its own online learning website called Aquent Gymnasium, offering free online courses on design, development, UX and accessibility externally and internally.
  • Recruitment Finders Fee
    We love referrals! Any Aquent employee that refers a person to work at Aquent who is then employed by us will be eligible for a referral fee. This would be $1000 on commencement of employment and $1000 on passing their probation.
  • Work Anniversary
    Acknowledging and rewarding all our employees is very important to us. On your anniversary you will be rewarded with a special gift from Aquent in appreciation for your loyalty and hard work.
  • Workplace Giving Programme
    Aquent has partnered with Beyond Blue as our charity to support and encourage our employees to give a pre-tax donation through their fortnightly salary. Aquent matches all donations.

Our Values

We hold our values in very high regard. We hire against our values and live them daily in how we work and in our actions at Aquent. These core values were created together with our teams. We'd love to tell you more about them and how we use them every day.

  • Make it Matter
    • Show up: Be there with purpose and have authentic, positive intentions. Always.
    • Add Value: Add value for customers and colleagues wherever, whenever and however you can.
    • Be memorable: People remember how you make them feel. Consider every interaction. Value your personal brand.
  • Own It
    • Put your hand up: Volunteer. Offer support. Ask for help. Own up to your mistakes. Have the tough conversations.
    • Do what you say you will do: Set yourself clear goals and expectations and hold yourself accountable to deliver.
    • Think solutions, not problems: Approach challenges by offering ideas and solutions.
  • Keep Growing
    • Be better today than yesterday: Recognise you are not perfect. What can you learn from yesterday to improve today and tomorrow?
    • Welcome ideas and feedback: Be positive about the new, give it your best and be open to feedback on how you can be even better.
    • ‘Eat the frog': Challenge yourself everyday. Embrace your fears. Face what makes you uncomfortable first.
  • We Before Me
    • ‘Sweep the floor': Show humility and pitch in — you are never too big to do the small things that must be done.
    • Walk in their shoes: Show empathy for customers and colleagues. Remember that everything you say and do (or don't do) impacts how other people feel.
    • Share proactively: Be generous with information, ideas and your time, and seek out opportunities for others.

A commitment to Diversity, Inclusion & Sustainability is in our DNA.

Aquent is an equal-opportunity employer. We believe an inclusive environment—where different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives are valued—is critical to ensuring everyone can contribute, grow their careers, and thrive. We also believe that diversity goes beyond race and gender. Diversity includes things that are visible and those that are not. It's a person's age, status, ability, neurodiversity, sexual orientation, and so much more. These differences help foster a more progressive workplace. We embrace them all.