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10 reasons why Aquent’s Employer of Record Service is your competitive advantage

By: Aquent

DATE: 02 June, 2021

Do you have headcount restrictions? Or concerns about co-employment or compliance risks associated with your contingent talent?

Aquent's Employer of Record service — or what you might call “Payroll Transfer” —  is a simple solution for these issues that can be really complex (and costly) for you.

Did you know that you can payroll transfer your contingent Talent as Aquent's employees — risk free?

10 reasons why you should consider doing this

  1. You'll have total compliance: e.g. avoid co-employment, casual conversion and risk issues
  2. You'll save time (and money): We have the processes and technology to pay multiple contractors who all require different payment methods
  3. Onboarding employees is quick: Think hours, not days
  4. Pay $0 recruitment fees and setup costs: you've sourced the talent, so there are no recruitment fees, just the agreed ongoing daily/hourly rate
  5. Get access to real-time reporting: Our MyAquent portal gives you instant access to financial reporting for any Talent you hire from us
  6. Talent are paid weekly: One of the reasons why talent prefer working through us
  7. We offer award-winning talent care: Regular check-ins, free training, events, career coaching, and complete HR support
  8. Talent can be fully checked and verified: Police checks, financial, and working with children checks
  9. Positive offboarding: Our offboarding process ensures that as contracts end and the talent leaves your business, we can help them find work
  10. Security compliant: If you need Aquent to supply the Talent's equipment then your  deliverables are always protected with Aquent Secure Creative, our SOC 2® Type 2 environment

Payroll transfer is about so much more than just paying talent — it's about being a great employer. The right partner will take care of your payrolled talent like you take care of your internal employees. The wrong one will leave you open to less engaged talent, more turnover, and higher risk to your business.

And most importantly, the “war for talent” is real. When we're the employer of record, you're the employer of choice.

Contact us in Sydney or Melbourne for more information about our Employer of Record service.