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3 Digital Talent Insights You’ll Need To Succeed As An Employer in Australia

By: Aquent

DATE: 16 February, 2022

After 24 months of unpredictability due to the pandemic, our team at Aquent Australia are seeing a seismic shift in how Talent want to work and what they now expect from employers. There are certainly signs of some challenges ahead and businesses will need to evolve their approach to retain and attract the best people.

After surveying 1,635 working professionals in digital marketing, creative, and development in Australia in November, we can now share the results.

  • Is the great resignation coming?
  • What works for Digital Talent when it comes to work?
  • What do employers need to do to attract and retain Digital Talent?
  • And, what should you pay them?

You’ll find the answers to these questions, plus many more insights, by downloading our free 2022 Talent Insights Report & Salary Guide.


Let’s break down 3 key insights from the 2022 Australian Talent Insights Report

Note: You’ll find many more insights in the report.

1. Hybrid is the new normal and Talent aren’t bending on flexibility

You can’t turn back the clock. After being thrown into the deep end, companies and employees have adapted remarkably well to remote working since March 2020. So well, that in the eyes of today’s workforce, flexible work is no longer a perk — it’s required. 

If required to work full-time in an office, 72% would start looking for a new job that offered flexible working opportunities. 


Companies that fail to recognise the importance of this new work model will end up on the losing side in the fight for Digital Talent. For women, flexible working arrangements ranked higher than good leadership and career progression as a key consideration for their next role.

2. High levels of job vacancies and intent to leave could signal massive Talent mobility 

40% of Talent are considering leaving their current employer in the next 6 months. Whilst this is a high proportion of people considering leaving their role and puts organisations at significant risk, the percentage is actually slightly less than last year. 

However, the difference now is that job vacancies are at a 13-year high*, with almost 50% more open roles than there were pre-COVID. Pair this fact with a job vacancy monthly growth rate of 8% and there are far more opportunities for Talent to consider. 


3. It’s time to get active about passive candidates

Compared to a year ago, far fewer people are actively seeking a new role, however, passive candidates, who are open to offers, have risen across all areas of expertise. 

The truth is, top tier Talent in hyper-growth areas like digital don’t need to look for jobs — the jobs come to them. To find specialist Talent, you need to proactively establish relationships with that passive pool of candidates. 


The pandemic has unleashed new ways of working that would be very hard to reverse. And we shouldn’t try. The truth is, these new ways of working are better for everyone — staff satisfaction is up, costs are down and employees at all levels are enjoying a better work/life balance. 

Get The Digital Talent Insights You'll Need To Stay Competitive

The bottom line is that it’s a hyper-competitive, talent-driven market. These insights, salary data, and recommendations will give you the intelligence to navigate the new world of work. It’s exactly the kind of tool companies need to compete for the best Digital Talent today and in the years to come. 

Download our 2022 Australian Talent Insights Report for a comprehensive look at what’s most important to Digital Talent.