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How To Invest In A Digital Nomad

Discover the exciting world of digital nomads and learn how they balance work and travel, overcome challenges, and find freedom on the road.

Hiring Insights, Thought Leadership, Industry Trends, Leadership

Why Aquent Australia’s Flexible Work Culture Leads To Happier, More Productive Employees

Here at Aquent Australia, flexibility in the workplace is more than just a buzzword.

Hiring Insights, Thought Leadership, Industry Trends

From Buzzword To Culture: Why Sustainability Should Be A Priority For Companies

Sustainability in the workplace is now, more than ever, more than just a buzzword; it’s a culture. Aquent Australia’s Managing Director, Monique Richards, shares the benefits for organisations.

Thought Leadership, Industry Trends, Aquent News, Sustainability

Employees And AI Working Together ARE The Future Of Work

The use of AI brings one of the biggest shifts to the way we work, and collaboration between AI and employees is at the forefront.

Technology, Industry Trends

The Impact Of AI On UX Jobs

UX work is likely to be disrupted by AI. Here are the changes that are coming, and how to best future-proof yourself.

Technology, Design, Industry Trends

Is The CBD Office Still A Drawcard For Employees?

Businesses have to work harder than ever to create employee experiences that attract and keep the best talent — here’s what some are doing.

Hiring Insights, Industry Trends

People Like People: How To Humanise Your Brand To Capture Attention

Wondering how to optimise your marketing campaigns to create a powerful brand that people know, trust, and genuinely like?

Thought Leadership, Industry Trends, Marketing

Who The Hell Invited The Clients Into The Agency Creative Department?

In a radical re-think of the client-agency relationship, this Creative Director is adding clients to his creative team.

Thought Leadership, Industry Trends, Marketing

Are Our Juniors Missing Out Because Of Remote Work?

'The ones who may fail to gain from the shift to remote working will not be those with years of experience and knowledge' says Lee Shorter.

Thought Leadership, Industry Trends

Is Your Employer Brand Ready For The ‘Great Reshuffle’?

Paul Nelson, MD of BrandMatters, shares the value of a strong employer brand & employee value proposition as the battle for talent continues.

Hiring Insights, Industry Trends