• Diversity & Inclusion

    We believe that a diverse workplace delivers better outcomes for companies and their workforce. An inclusive environment—where different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives are valued—is critical to ensuring everyone can contribute, grow their careers, and thrive.

  • Charity partner

    We are very proud to support Beyond Blue as our official charity partner. We raise money for them at our events; our team volunteers at their events; and are able to donate a portion of their salary to Beyond Blue through our Workplace Giving Programme. Aquent matches ALL donations dollar for dollar.

  • Employee Learning Fund

    Every employee has access to our unique ‘Life-long Learning Fund’ of $8000 per year after three months of employment which can go towards attendance at industry events, workshops or specialist training. This ensures continual growth — both personal and professional. 

  • Volunteering

    We offer our employees the opportunity to volunteer for two days per year for their chosen not-for-profit with our support.

  • Designing for Good 

    Our annual ‘Designing For Good’ competition awards $10,000 grants to promote the use of creativity to benefit not-for-profits.

  • Vendors

    Using local and ethically responsible suppliers.

  • Ethics workshops

    Participation in work ethics and inclusiveness workshops.

  • Free skills training

    Providing free proprietary designed online education courses which help professionals bridge their digital skills gap via Aquent Gymnasium.

  • Online payslips

    For all staff and Talent saving thousands of pieces of paper each week. 

  • Paperless Offices

    Talent handbooks, onboarding documents and surveys are all online. We enable our clients to approve timecards and view invoices online through MyAquent.

  • Reuse & recycle

    All staff are required to reuse, recycle in each office and use all equipment or materials wisely.

  • Earth-Friendly Practices

    Including donating used equipment and furniture and eliminating single use products. Using video conferencing rather than International travel.

  • Reconciliation Action Plan

    One of the biggest social issues in Australia is the lack of recognition, understanding and appreciation of Aboriginals and Torres Strait People. Reconciliation Australia has put together a process to gain the accreditation for undertaking this very important reconciliation journey. With this in mind, Aquent in Australia have embarked on this process and have taken the first steps to affirm our commitment to bridging the gap between the Aboriginal and Torres Strait people and Non-Aboriginal and Torres Strait people, by creating opportunities, supporting businesses, fostering long-lasting partnerships that are equally beneficial.

Aquent conducts its affairs in accordance with the highest ethical business practices and complies with all applicable laws and regulations worldwide.

We therefore have an employee Code of Conduct and Business Ethics (the Code) which sets forth legal and ethical standards of conduct for all officers and employees of Aquent.  

Aquent communicates this to all employees and every employee has the duty to read, understand, and comply with the Code.  

Aquent employees are expected to use good judgment and common sense in complying with the Code, which applies to Aquent and all of its subsidiaries and other business entities controlled by Aquent worldwide. 

Aquent employees, directors, contractors, and agents are required to comply with all laws, rules, and regulations applicable to Aquent wherever it does business. 

As part of our commitment to business ethics, Aquent has implemented  strong equality, privacy, safety and anti-slavery policies.