Aquent Wins Inavero's 2016 Best of Staffing® Client and Talent Awards

Aquent, the leading global staffing and outsourcing firm dedicated to marketing, creative, and digital professionals, announced today they have won Inavero’s Best of Staffing® Award for providing superior service to their clients and talent. Vitamin T, a division of Aquent, was also recognized as a Best of Staffing Award winner for the fourth year running.


Expert Panel: Measuring Recruitment Marketing and Mapping Skill-Sets

n part one of our two-part expert panel series on recruitment marketing, we heard from a number of talent acquisition practitioners, consultants, and bloggers on the topic of recruitment marketing. The post focused on defining recruitment marketing and its connection to candidate experience. Looking back, a few key themes stood out. There seems to be a consensus that effective recruitment marketing means being digitally-focused. And also that companies have to continually assess and update their recruitment marketing efforts to match the evolving candidate experience job seekers expect over time. In part two, we continue with this topic by focusing on two areas: the impact of recruitment marketing on the average skill-set of recruiters and how to measure performance in recruitment marketing.


Expert Panel: Recruitment Marketing Defined and Its Role In Candidate Experience

It’s interesting to watch a concept start to morph into a strategic initiative. With recruitment marketing, this has been happening for the past few years. And action behind it is starting to gain momentum. Today’s leading companies are trying to identify new and innovative ways to leverage marketing techniques in their recruiting efforts. Here is how some industry leaders define recruitment marketing, and how it plays into the candidate experience journey.


4 Skills You Can't Do Without

Accessing a range of “new” skills – especially those focused on maximising digital engagement and marketing – can help you keep up with the big end of town in an ever-changing business environment.


5 Keys to Successfully Manage Creative Employees

Successful creative leaders should prioritize building an egoless culture within their team. Employees shouldn't care who came up with what idea. They should focus instead on how to make each idea even better. In this piece, Aquent's VP of Global Marketing, Nelson Rodriguez, explains how to make that happen.

Aquent Graphic Design

What Will Marketers do Differently in 2015?

The folks at CMO asked marketing leaders what they learned in 2014 and what they'll do differently in 2015. One such leader was our VP of Global Marketing, Nelson Rodriguez. Nelson said that in 2014 he learned the importance of marketing strategy, not just marketing tactics. In 2015, he'll be working on being even more strategic in his marketing decisions.


What Resolutions Should Marketers Make for 2015? asked a number of marketing leaders about their resolutions for 2015. Aquent's VP of Global Marketing, Nelson Rodriguez, was included and said he was resolved to make UX the "leading edge of the customer-centric enterprise."


5 Reasons Your Job Posts Aren't Working

Let's face it: the best candidates always come through referrals. Still, sometimes you’ve tapped out your networks and you need to advertise your job opening. When you find yourself in that situation, here are the five top job post mistakes to avoid.


4 Tips from UX Designers to Land Your Dream Job

User experience is all about understanding and catering to the end user, regardless of what’s being built. In a job search, the end user is your potential employer. Crafting your resume, portfolio, and communications around your potential employer can help you land your dream job, no matter your background.


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