The inclusion imperative.

Many organisations are waking up to the fact that embracing accessibility leads to multiple benefits – improving customer experience, strengthening brand presence, and reducing legal risks.

And with digital experiences now central to how companies interact with their customers, and with almost 1 in 5 people in Australia estimated to have a disability, accessibility has become a central requirement for every digital touchpoint.

We make accessibility expertise accessible.

Most large organisations know they need to invest time and resources to ensure accessibility as their digital presence evolves. But even when accessibility is considered a must-have, it’s often a challenge to resource teams with the right talent and expertise. Here are all the ways we can help.

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Contract & Freelance Hire

Finding people with deep knowledge of accessibility can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Luckily, we know where to look. Our experienced recruiters and vast talent pool mean you can complete accessibility projects and bring in specialised skill sets when you need them.

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Permanent Hire

When you’re looking to make a strategic hire, we’ll conduct a personalised, comprehensive search and identify the right accessibility expert to help assess, develop, and deliver inclusive experiences.

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Digital Solutions

Our Digital Solutions Consultants will gain an in-depth understanding of your business goals and conduct an accessibility audit of your digital assets. We can then assemble a team of experts to work with you — in-house — to ensure your digital products and assets are compliant and inclusive.

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Aquent Studios

If you’re looking to outsource accessibility projects, Aquent Studios can assemble and lead a team of accessibility experts and specialists in design, development, experience, and content to achieve your goals.

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Professional Development

Upskill your team on the latest accessibility best practices for design and development through Aquent Gymmnasium’s online courses.

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Download Aquent's How to get started with digital accessibility guide

Insights & Resources

How to get started with digital accessibility

This guide provides an introduction to digital accessibility, including whose responsibility it is, the skills you need when hiring and the steps you can take to improve accessibility for your organisation.

How to scale digital accessibility and cater for diverse audiences

Insights & Resources

How to scale digital accessibility and cater for diverse audiences

In this 60-min on-demand webinar, Ben Pintos-Oliver, Digital Systems and Accessibility General Manager at Telstra covers: How to avoid 30x the cost to go back and make your product accessible; How to leverage a Design System to do the heavy lifting and scale Accessibility; Understanding the importance of ‘Disability confidence’ to drive cultural change; and Measuring Accessibility and using new data to gain buy-in from the business.