Be a leader in benefits equality.

We believe that the contingent workforce should be on an equal playing field with their traditional employee peers, particularly when it comes to employee benefits.

Contingent Talent deserve the same quality and level of benefits as employees, and with COVID-19 now an international health crisis, it’s increasingly apparent that everyone in the workforce is not equally protected. Millions of contingent workers lack basic benefits like comprehensive health insurance and paid sick leave. This inequality is deeply concerning and creates a public health risk. We hope to be part of the solution.

Aquent Square Deal enables companies to offer a consistent, custom benefits package to their entire extended workforce of contingent Talent.

What's in Aquent Square Deal?

True Equality Illustration

True Equality

We work with market-leading organisations to match the best employee benefits packages. 

Fast Eligibility Illustration

Fast Eligibility

Our eligibility rules don’t require full-time hours for 12 consecutive months. Talent can be covered even for part-time or short-term work.

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Full Flexibility

Benefits can be customised to meet a company’s unique needs and budget. Choose from our extensive menu or add something new. Packages can be updated annually.

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Talent Care

Our team supports Talent with award-winning customer service. For 10 years running, Aquent has won ClearlyRated’s Best of Staffing for Talent Satisfaction.

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Easy Scalability

Pilot custom benefits with a single team or scale them across your entire extended workforce. Have existing recruitment suppliers and ways to source Talent? You can still offer a Square Deal.

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Professional Development

When you give all your Talent the opportunity to sharpen their skills, your digital teams become more productive and effective.

The Math

Benefits aren’t a cost. They’re an investment.

Invest a few dollars per hour in better benefits and you can: