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Digitalks: Creating A Human-Centred Design System That People Love To Use


LAST UPDATED: 07 March, 2024

Human Centred Design has made its way into the hearts and minds of many leading organisations. But when it comes to design systems, delivery teams often aren't included in the creation of the system they're supposed to adopt.

In our on-demand 60-minute Digitalks webinar, Hamish O'Neill, Head of Design Systems at (previously Design Lead at ANZ) and Jonathan Stening, Engineering Lead for ANZ's enterprise Brand & Design System share their journey in creating a community-driven design system using HCD methodologies.

They covered how they:

  • Built a design system around the needs of those using it
  • Run their design system team
  • Continue to drive adoption and contribution after two years
  • Measure and show value for business leaders
  • Use their design system to unlock creativity

Feedback we received:

  • “Now this one had me glued to my screen, really valuable!”
  • “They had great energy and were willing to take on the hard questions.”
  • “Interactive, useful information.”
  • “A great talk and definitely gave me a lot to reflect and think about.”
  • “Great talk, learnt so much!”
  • “Brilliant session and thanks to Hamish O'Neill, Jonathan Stening for the fascinating discussion.”