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Digitalks: Why Every Brand Needs A Web3 & Metaverse Strategy


DATE: 01 May, 2022

The next evolution of the internet is here and brands need to be ready to venture into the metaverse.

  • JP Morgan has predicted that the metaverse will soon be a $1 trillion dollar industry.
  • Total NFT sales went from $94.9M in 2020, to $21.9B in 2021.
  • The market cap of ethereum is bigger than the world's biggest bank.

In our 60-min Digitalks webinar, Lisa Teh, Co-Founder of Web3 marketing agency Mooning, covers:

  • A high level overview of Web3
  • Why every brand needs to be thinking about NFTs
  • Examples of how brands can venture into the metaverse
  • How social media will evolve from Web2 to Web3