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How to future-proof your career


LAST UPDATED: 07 March, 2024

If you haven’t noticed already, our world moves fast. There are always new things to learn and industry changes to keep on top of in order to remain relevant in an ever-evolving workforce.

Simon Lusty, Managing Director of recruitment agency Aquent Australia, says that talent who are going to be in the most demand in the future are those who are centred on ‘upward growth.’

“This concept is focused on one’s ability to take responsibility for continually improving their skills, knowledge and capability. People who ‘own’ this are constantly trying to better themselves – regardless of how experienced they are.”

Whether you stay in the same role for decades or change jobs regularly, if you want a career that’s going to stand the test of time, now’s the time to cultivate it.

Read on for some tangible tips to future-proof your career, and ensure its survival.