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Interview tip: What are your salary expectations?


DATE: 12 February, 2015

I've been in this game long enough to know that the majority of job seekers don't like to discuss money in their interviews“. People often don't want to be the first to mention a figure. If it's too low, they may miss out financially. If it's too high, they could miss out on a job offer.

If a recruitment consultant asks you what you salary expectations are, then I would advise you be as open as possible. They will give you advice on the market rate for your skills and will often do the negotiating for you when you get offered a role. They need to know where your head and heart lies, what motivates you, and what will ultimately make you feel valued.

If the employer in the interview asks you this then please feel free to just answer them with your thoughts. I have no issue talking about money and I don't see anything wrong with giving the employer your expectations, even if it is just a range of numbers rather than a commitment to one figure.

This article is really for people who don't want to answer the ‘money question' just yet. If that sounds like you, then here are a few ways you can deflect the question.

‘I'm quite open and slightly flexible on salary as the opportunity to add value and to be valued is important to me. I'd appreciate knowing how you value this position and what your budget is for this role?'

The way you say this is very important. Say it with a smile on your face and raise your voice at the end of the sentence, so it seems like a question.

Or just bat it straight back…

‘I'd rather not commit to that quite yet. I'm really open to your thoughts on this as I'm sure you will be consistent with the market?'

Then pause. Just stop talking… even if you feel uncomfortable. By doing this, you are forcing the other person to talk.

Again, you should do this in a very ‘upbeat' way. We don't want you to become defensive as this can sometimes come across as aggressive.

The interviewer may not be open about their budget and they may persist in asking you for yours. If this happens, I would personally back down and give them my salary ‘range' rather than seem unsympathetic to their request. If they are not going to give you an idea of salary at this point, you don't want to risk wasting time, and someone needs to identify whether you are both on the same page.

I recommend practicing your response. The more comfortable you are when you get asked this, the less likely you are to be conditioned by the interviewer and the conversation is more likely to go the way YOU want it to go.

Good luck!