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Meet Me In A Minute: Ashlea Garfield, Digital Marketing Talent Agent


DATE: 19 April, 2022

What's your area of expertise? 

I’ve been immersed in the Digital and Marketing recruitment landscape here in Sydney since 2018 and am part of Aquent Australia’s Digital Marketing recruitment team. I’m lucky enough to cover the full spectrum of digital and marketing from digital production, paid media, SEO, CRM, loyalty, content, social media, and everything in between!

What types of roles do you recruit for?

I work across a variety of freelance, contract and permanent roles with different specialities and levels of seniority.

I also work with a wide range of organisations too. Before partnering with businesses, it’s important for me to understand who they are, their journey and the challenges they have faced with identifying the right talent. Our clients are committed, value-driven, and can range from a small boutique agency, a scaling start-up, to a large enterprise corporate!

Why do you love what you do?

First and foremost, it's the people. Connecting with candidates from all walks of life, different educational backgrounds, and career paths but with the same love and passion for Digital as I have. The experts in my space are the perfect blend of technical and creative, and I’m able to visualise the challenges they solve, see, relate, and connect with the work they create from outdoor advertising, and website builds, to innovative activations. 

For most jobs ‘no two days are the same’, but I find recruitment is in a league of its own! There are no shortcuts, it’s about riding the wave and following the needs of your clients and market, no matter what that entails — what a thrill! 

What industry experience/expertise are you looking for in Talent?

I really look for technical and hands-on capabilities — the ability to jump into platforms, build campaigns/sites, and leverage key metrics.

The ability to interpret data and results and think outside the box is also super important. Customer insights are the key to success and allow a brand/client/company to pivot their strategies and focus to target the right consumer or audience.

I also look for collaboration and teamwork skills as digital and marketing is all about working cross-functionally, and sharing and bringing ideas together. 

And finally, enthusiasm and love for what they do!

What are your top 3 tips for Digital Talent looking for new job opportunities? 

  1.  Stay relevant. Digital and Marketing is always changing, with new platforms, tools, and strategies emerging daily. To ensure you stand out, be constantly looking for opportunities to learn!
  2. Interview preparation is hugely important. Do your research on the company, who works there, and most importantly, be ready to discuss why you want to join them!
  3. Don’t apply for every job on LinkedIn! Bespoke your search, look at their website, their product offering, and the role requirements. Be sure to ask yourself ‘is this for me?’.

What makes an ideal client relationship?

This is a tough one! I’m a firm believer that no two relationships are the same, and that applies to professional and personal relationships.

What I find is the key to an ideal client relationship is to understand their company/brand journey, listen to what they want, set out a course of action that involves consistent communication, and not to be afraid to ask the questions you want to ask!

What are your top 3 tips for hiring managers?

  1. Don’t wait. 
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and seek advice and education. Whether it’s your first hire or your hundredth hire, the market is always evolving and it pays to keep up.
  3. Know your USPs! Working from home isn’t a perk anymore, it’s the norm and candidates are wanting to know more than ever what sets a business apart. Be transparent and be ready to showcase your best bits such as mental health days, long term paternity leave, and incentive programs. 

Outside of work, what do you love doing?

I joke that I’m a walking, talking cliche! English girl, working (and loving) recruitment, who lives in Bondi, but I wouldn’t change it for the world! 

You’ll typically find me at the beach or enjoying good food with friends!  

How do people get in touch with you?

Reach out on LinkedIn or email me at [email protected]

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