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How To Land Your Dream UX Job

With many different roles and specialisations in the world of UX, how do you find the role you’ll love? Here’s how.

Ask Aquent, Design, Job Seeker

It Pays To Build A Network Of Recruiters Who See Your Value

Recruiters can be your biggest supporters and advocates, but the time to build connections with recruiters is not when you’re looking for a job—but before you need to.

Job Seeker

Meet Me In A Minute: Lisa Tahu, Design & Development Talent Agent

Get to know our Design & Development Talent Agent, Lisa Tahu.

Aquent News

Why NAIDOC Week Is So Special

Monique Richards, MD of Aquent Australia embraces the chance to reflect on why she personally believes NAIDOC Week is so special.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

How To Navigate NDAs When Showcasing Design And Research

Tips on showcasing Human Centred Design work, experience and impact within the confines of NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements)

Ask Aquent, Design, Job Seeker, Video Resources

How To Create Perspective At Work And In Your Life

Craig Badings opens up about the importance of perspective during hard times whether at work or in our personal lives.

Thought Leadership

The Impact Of AI On UX Jobs

UX work is likely to be disrupted by AI. Here are the changes that are coming, and how to best future-proof yourself.

Design, Industry Trends, Technology

9 Resume Tips You Really Need To Know

How is your resume really looking? Are you making these mistakes that are turning employers away?

Ask Aquent, Job Seeker

Is The Voice In Your Head Holding You Back?

We have 6,200+ thoughts every day, but is the voice in your head a champion for who you are, or is it a constant reminder of how inadequate you are?

Thought Leadership

Predictions For AI And The Future Of Product Design

If you're curious (or nervous) about AI, here are 10 ways AI can improve product design workflows and increase efficiency.

Technology, Thought Leadership, Training Resources