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Level Up Your Design Team With Informal Mentorship

All parties benefit from mentorship—and making it happen is much easier than you may think.

Thought Leadership, Design, Training Resources, Leadership

Leadership Double Standards: Why Rules For Women Aren’t The Same

The game has changed and that’s a good thing. But gender biases are still creating challenges for women in leadership positions.

Thought Leadership, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Leadership

How To Stay Motivated And Focused On Your Goals

No matter your challenges, here is how you can overcome, stay motivated, and remain focused on your personal and career goals.

Job Seeker, Thought Leadership

Job Search Tips For Marketers Looking To Switch Industries

Are you looking to switch industries or pivot your career but getting nowhere? Marketing and Analytics Talent Agent, Jimmy Sutton, shares some tips.

Job Seeker, Marketing, Ask Aquent

Don’t Fear Pay Transparency—Embrace It

Embracing pay transparency is a smart move. Why? Being open about how pay is determined is one of the key ways to attract and retain top talent.

Hiring Insights

Climate Change Requires Urgent Action From Leaders. Here’s How.

Leaders need to change the way we work to combat climate change and create a more sustainable business and future. And fast.

Thought Leadership, Aquent News, Sustainability

Employees And AI Working Together ARE The Future Of Work

The use of AI brings one of the biggest shifts to the way we work, and collaboration between AI and employees is at the forefront.

Technology, Industry Trends

From Design to Profit — Business Acumen for Designers

The concept of business acumen is barely being taught to designers & this knowledge gap drastically slows designers' career growth. Learn more from Jacalin Ding

Design, Video Resources

This Is Why You’re Not Hiring The Best Talent

Is your hiring approach shortsighted? Here’s a simple fix to opening your talent pool and broadening your hiring horizons.

Hiring Insights, Leadership

How To Create An Inclusive Hiring Experience For Transgender And Gender-Diverse People

Learn more about the challenges faced by members of the transgender & gender-diverse community & how we create more affirming & inclusive hiring experiences

Hiring Insights, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion