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AI in Marketing: Embracing Opportunities & Navigating Threats

AI is no longer just a buzzword—it's a tool reshaping the entire marketing landscape. As marketers, we must ask ourselves what this innovation means for our careers and how we can best utilise AI without losing the integrity of our craft. 

Technology, Video Resources, Marketing, Training Resources

Job Search Tips For Marketers Looking To Switch Industries

Are you looking to switch industries or pivot your career but getting nowhere? Marketing and Analytics Talent Agent, Jimmy Sutton, shares some tips.

Job Seeker, Marketing, Ask Aquent

How (And Why) To Build The Optimal Content Team

In today’s marketing world, content is king. Here’s how to build the best content team for your business.

Hiring Insights, Marketing, Leadership

People Like People: How To Humanise Your Brand To Capture Attention

Wondering how to optimise your marketing campaigns to create a powerful brand that people know, trust, and genuinely like?

Thought Leadership, Industry Trends, Marketing

Who The Hell Invited The Clients Into The Agency Creative Department?

In a radical re-think of the client-agency relationship, this Creative Director is adding clients to his creative team.

Thought Leadership, Industry Trends, Marketing

Digitalks: Why Every Brand Needs A Web3 & Metaverse Strategy

Learn all about the Metaverse, NFTs and Web3 from our recorded #Digitalks webinar presenter, Lisa Teh, Co-founder of Mooning

Technology, Video Resources, Marketing

Influencers: A Dirty Word Or Power Tool Of Marketing Strategy?

Industry data reports that influencers aren't going anywhere. But before we get our marketing budget wallets out, we need to answer a few questions.

Industry Trends, Marketing

Marketers: What To Pack & What To Leave Behind For 2022

Barrie Seppings picks through the rubble of the pandemic to make a call on what marketers should retain for the road ahead and what to leave behind.


So, What Does A PR Professional Do Anyway?

Want to pursue a career in the PR and Communications industry, but don’t know what it entails? Read on…

Job Seeker, Marketing

5 ways to overcome virtual event fatigue

The conversation has shifted from whether to do a virtual event to finding ways to better engage audiences and drive attendance numbers