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Meet Me In A Minute: Jen Gottlieb, Human Resource Director at Aquent


DATE: 30 September, 2020

What's your role at Aquent? 

I look after our people at Aquent. My role emcompasses HR functions, internal recruitment and training.

I also wear a number of hats including supporting our MD, rolling out WHS, new initiatives and collaborating on projects, writing, updating and reviewing our documentation, developing our strategy and values with our teams. I also am the Quiz Captain, MasterChef organiser…..nanny, nurse, bottlewasher, party organiser, “lawyer”, teacher, recruiter, letter writer, psychologist, and mum…. to name a few of my many roles.

Why do you love what you do?

I love all that Aquent represents — the core values and the leadership! I am passionate about our people and care deeply about each and every one of them. I love recruitment and finding those gems — either recruiters or industry professionals to work in our business. Bringing them into the fold and seeing them grow, flourish and reach their potential brings me enormous fulfillment. Solving people's problems is my happy place.

What are you looking for when you hire recruiters?

We consider both industry people and successful recruiters to fill our roles. 

It may be someone who has worked in industry, has some sales in their background, but loves problem solving for their clients or Talent. We definitely love hiring successful recruiters who have come from any service industry, but have a track record of demonstrating their own achievements both in a team and personally.

Hiring is always a challenge and finding the right people is no small feat. We need to like them as people first and foremost. Vulnerability, high EQ, teamplayers with a good sense of humour are all essential qualities. Recruiters with the ability to self motivate, problem solve, have an entrepreneurial mindset and at the same time be passionate about delivering service are definitely essential ingredients. A thirst to learn with buckets of resilience and tenacity are critical. 

What are your top 4 tips for Recruiters looking for new job opportunities? 

  • Have some real examples to demonstrate your experience and to highlight the value you can bring to the role, as well as your own development through learnings and growth. 
  • Being honest, positive and allow your personality to shine through so there is a real connection with the interviewer. Smile.
  • Do your research before the meeting. Look at any recent articles about the company (website, news updates and the linkedin profile of the client.) Be familiar with the role and interested in the industry specialisation. Do your research so you are familiar with the roles and the types of clients recruiting in these areas.
  • Work through some good questions to ask in the interview. Keep these broad and open-ended which allows for further discussion.

Describe Aquent's team culture

Culture is everything at Aquent! Our culture, developed by our own people, is based on four values. These values underpin the way we operate and the behaviours we expect of each other and ourselves everyday. 

“We Before Me, Make it Matter, Own it, and Keep Growing” are the values which underpin our culture and our Value Champions ensure all new starters are inducted into these. We believe in everyone being accountable for achieving what they have committed to doing and are measured on outcomes and expectations, rather than KPIs.

We also are passionate about caring about each other's well being, as well as having a social responsibility to give back to our community. This has allowed us to incorporate a variety of workplace programmes to support this. 

We may work hard, but we do have a lot of fun along the way. You should have seen our Aquent Masterchef competitors! There was a lot of rivalry for the prize of Chef 2020. 

What does success at Aquent look like for a recruiter?

Doing enough of the right activity with the right people consistently, repeat business, referrals and having a reputation for being generous with sharing knowledge and adding value to your colleagues and customers

Success is not a one quarter biggie. It is ongoing, never forgetting to be constantly pipelining your business. It's about sweating the small stuff (YES), getting back to that Talent, returning calls, emails, following up and doing what you say you will do. It's about building your brand both internally and externally. 

When you're not working, what do you love doing? 

I love being creative at home. I have taken up scrapbooking over this COVID period. I love cooking up a storm and I have been dubbed the slow cooker queen by my boys. I just can't sit still and am never one to be idle.

As avid bushcampers, nothing is better than driving our 4 wheeler into the bush, out of mobile range and away from everything. Camping next to the river, hiking in the remote National Parks, lying in the hammock, reading my kindle and swimming in the rivers — definitely food for the soul.

See a misty evening picture of one of my favourite places


How do people get in touch with you?

You can find me on Linkedin or email me on [email protected]