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What are the benefits of temp-to-perm?


DATE: 21 February, 2021

“Try Before You Buy”, or “Buy Now Pay Later” — it's become commonplace when purchasing everything from clothes to holidays. But what about when it comes to finding a new job or hiring staff? Wouldn't it be nice to try something, or someone, first before you go all in and sign up for the long haul?

Many of us have been there. You've gone through 5 rounds of interviews, completed a technical competency test, been asked to complete personality profiling, all to then be told that whilst they thought you were great, they're not quite sold on x, y or z. But how can they tell if they've never tested those skills in a work environment? Why can't they just give you an opportunity to show them you can do it?

When the shoe is on the other foot and you're in the position of hiring staff the same argument can be had. You've sat through those 5 interviews, spent hours questioning someone on their skills and experience, and organised numerous tests. You've found someone who you think ticks 8/10 boxes, but is potentially lacking in a couple of areas.

Do you really want to repeat that process all over again with other candidates? Or would it not make more sense to give that person a go and see if they're capable?

Step forward temp-to-perm

It's a simple solution that is surprisingly not as common as it probably should be. It's the opportunity for someone to join on a temporary basis initially, with a view to going permanent should things work out for both parties. 

Surely it's a win-win for all involved?

“The hiring company gets the chance to see someone in action and the job seeker has the chance to prove themselves, and also see whether it's the right role and environment for them long-term.”

An obvious argument against this is that people in permanent jobs would not consider leaving for something that would start as a contract with no guarantee that it'll convert to a  permanent job. 

That job security is extremely valuable at a time of uncertainty and you'd be narrowing the potential talent pool by excluding those currently in a permanent position. In fact, according to our Talent Insights Report, 64% of people in permanent jobs within the digital, creative and marketing space would consider leaving for a contract role. And when it comes to contractors being open to taking a permanent role, our data suggests that 84% of people would do.

Whilst it's definitely not for everyone, it is appealing to the majority and a great way for businesses and job seekers to get a feel for one another. The power is not always in the hands of the employer, and job seekers who know their worth can be safe in the knowledge that they'll put their best foot forward whilst also seeing if the company can match their expectations. They'll know whether a company has oversold the role or if it's somewhere they can see themselves calling home for a number of years.

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